Nepal, a beautiful Himalayan country in South Asia is bordered on the east, west and south by India and the Tibetan Region of China in the north. It is home to Mount Everest and over 23 million people of different races, tribes, languages and religions. Chaudandi-Gadhi is the historical place(Palace) in the eastern part of Nepal.

(Office of CDO, Kathmandu: 499/063/064, SWC: 21486, PAN:302629183 )

CG-SeT is a not for profit making, non-government organization providing basic support to orphan children for their education and development with the implementation of improved agriculture system. It is an autonomous, independent organization established in 2006 to strengthen the education, health-environment and agriculture program started and dreamed by Chaudandi-Gadhi School, which was established in 2003 with the cooperative and collaborative program of Dhulikhel Hospital (www.dhulikhelhospital.org) which is a community conceived and supported not for profit, non-government health services provider through its outpatient, emergency, inpatients and outreach primary health care services. Dhulikhel Hospital is the University Hospital of Kathmandu University and individual friends from country and aboard.